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December 8, 2012
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Roulette City Space Station by Triple-Torch-Art Roulette City Space Station by Triple-Torch-Art
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The City

Docking Station: This is where all ships, from commercial to private, dock onto the station. Between all the people and supplies, this areas is full of activity. New arrivals and those departing have to go through a simple decontamination mist. The dock also has a splendid observatory near the top.

Central Station: Major ER hospitals and huge markets can be found here. Often traveling vendors set up here to sell their off world fresh goods. Central Station is very popular and can also very expensive.

Inner City: The inner city is the richest part of the RC station, because it's closer to central station majority of sales and fresh stock are distributed here. Inner city is a mix between residential and commercial. Business districts tend to be close to central station while suburbs and penthouses tend to be near the outside.

Outer City: This is where more average income citizens live as well as cheaper stores and groceries. The closer you are to the Inner City the nicer it is, however the further out you go the sketchier and less prosperous the city becomes as food distributions trickles down to the less than passable quality.

The Boonies: Officially called "The Roulette City Self Sustaining Rim" the RCSS residents eventually coined it as "The Boonies" and the name stuck. There to provide fresh meats and produce for the station the rim is also there for emergencies if the station was to ever have issues with new food shipments and can sustain the entire stations populations for many years. The farms are supported by the RCS government and despite the rim being close to the slums the farmers themselves are paid exceptionally well. Because there's so much farm land and little light pollution, the boonies are one of the more popular places for star gazing.


Station Anatomy and Psychology

• RCSS is a colossal station roughly the size of three large cities combined.

Transportation: There are two common ways of transport. There are the rail systems which connect the entire city together and then there are hover transport vehicles for inner city travel. Rail travel is very fast as in what would take hours normally takes minutes on the rail. In case of emergencies the rails also are used for evacuation to the docks and to the city's numerous escape transports which are located in the docking ports as well as the outer rim of the boonies.

Defense: The station is made of very thick material that is in fact not transparent, only due to manipulation of light can they make it appear so. The station protected by a thin energy shield that deflects most small space debris, anything larger and the RCSS turrets will shoot down the object to break it down, if it's bigger than that the station will move itself from the objects path. Also close by is the RCSS satellite military base, there to protect the RCSS from conflict as well as assist in evacuation and other emergencies.

Water and food conscious: Everyone on the RCSS are very conscious with their water usage and waste little to no food. While you can still comfortably take a full hot tub bath and eat half a chicken it is not a common habit even among the wealthy. Water is expensive on the station unless its use is for government funded purposes such as parks, hospitals, farms, ect. Fresh foods also can be pricey due to restricted space and facilities to hold and refrigerate large quantities of produce and meats. While freeze dried, dehydrated, and packaged food have gone a long way to being almost like the real thing (most food is prepared like in the film "the Fifth Element" [link] for home consumption ), it's still considered a delicacy to have a fresh apple.

Recycled Water and Air: Beneath the city is a huge facility devoted to recycle the air and water of the station. Water tends to be expensive due to the maintenance and upkeep on the filtration. This also includes filtration of the city's sewage. Toilets in the station is slightly different from current ones on earth as there are two separate settings on them, one for solid and another for liquids. Solids are dehydrated compacted and used for fuels while liquids are recycled and re-filtered into drinkable water. We promise it is quite sanitary. The station also has back up reserves and filters in case one fails. Overall the station's water and air maintenance is top priority.


The Tournament

The RC tournament is an important part of the RCSS economy. When the competition starts up sales and tourist revenue skyrocket and the station flourishes with an increased bump in consumerism. The tournament is perhaps the most widely advertised on the station as well as on a few galactic ads. With that in mind its contestants are treated like Olympians and are welcomed guests upon the station. Officially registered fighters get discounts on room and food services as well as a few other perks provided by locals to help promote their businesses.

The Dome: The tournament arena is shaped like a huge Colosseum. What it contains is entirely up to you. It could be anti gravity, water, a maze, traps. Anything you desire to design. The Tournament itself is broadcast all over the area.

*It is recommended that contestants contain their fights within the arena. Fights happening outside it will anger Carter and result in major consequences, as for what the punishment is that is entirely up to you.

Station design by *Triple-Torch-Art
Template, clean up, and vectors done by =MiryuuChan
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LazarusK Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
RC is funded by the Empire
Looks spectacular!
Triple-Torch-Art Jun 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you.
You're welcome!
axl2396 May 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So, how our characters get here is up to us?
Sketched-UP May 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
what would you say the population is on the entire ship? or is it constantly changing?
Triple-Torch-Art May 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
It's a large city so hmm think Citadel from Mass Effect. Massive space station city. So it has a city population. :] But you're free to change that.
Sketched-UP May 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
alright! thanks!
Magnios Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
How would the inside of the dome look like? Are there multiple areas or is it more like a giant labyrinth?
Triple-Torch-Art Mar 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
However you want it to look.
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